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Lucy Dahill and the back 2 basics (b2b) parenting team are parents and professionals from all walks of life and experiences. The team act as consultants and role models for what is presented on this site. As such, what is written here is from a lived experience of parenting in a way that should perhaps be our 'normal' but hasn't been.


The historical 'normal' that we grew up with has resulted in an inordinate rise in poor mental and physical ill-health, high rates of depression, self-harm and suicide that, I am sure we would all agree, is not what we want to see as our 'normal' in family life.


If this is the case, can we say we do not want that trajectory of poor mental and physical health for our young, nor do we want the 'acceptable' conflict in families that currently exists? Can we, therefore, genuinely and humbly ask, what is going on?

This site offers a village approach to parenting, where we share from lived experience and learn from role models who have found another way to parent that has not accepted any conflict in their family, or indeed their lives, as normal. What you will find is no perfection whatsoever, but a willingness to enquire, to give things a go, to work outside the current model and enjoy exploring a whole new world of simple standards related to decency and respect.

Explore articles, interviews and audios, that each offer a valuable insight into the jigsaw puzzle that is life as we know it.

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