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What is Love?

Is it possible that what we have been led to believe is Love is actually such a reduction of what Love truly is?

This article offers a reset from searching for love on the outside-in, to building Love from the inside-out.

It’s never about perfection, simply having the intention to do the best that we can.  The more I loved myself, the more I felt loved and the more love I was able to share with everyone around me. 

Do we remember Love?

Love is who we are and what we are made of, but can we remember that as a deep knowing in our body?

It is a feeling that just wants to expand, to embrace all, leaving no one out, knowing that every single body comes from the same source, is imbued by the same pulse of the heart and knows the essence of Love in every cell of its body.


The power of Love and the heart

Listen to a fantastic audio about the importance of living in a cardio-centric way. How physical health is so entwined with emotional health.

We are meant to be loved and to love one another. Do we can love conditionally or unconditionally

Criticism in Families

Another powerful audio about how we communicate and if, perhaps we are criticising more than we expect to. 

All too often it is not so much what is meant, but how it is perceived

What do our children see?

Read our great blog on how we might be perceived by our children, and consider if it is at odds with the 'image' and 'practice' we were hoping to reflect.

Our potential as parents is to role-model through our activity what is possible in our relationships in life... 

Childhood trauma to trust and love

Anyone who wants to understand teenagers should listen to this audio with Mary Jo McVeigh from Cara House.

How do you tell the world you are suffering?

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