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A Woman's Flow

Our relationship with our menstrual cycle

How do we talk about women's cycles? Is menstruation still something we keep hidden and don't talk about? Does sex education only concentrate on the function of a woman's body for pregnancy, or making sure we don't get pregnant? And how many of us have described our menstrual cycle as a curse, an inconvenience, or have tried whatever means possible to stop their period coming? If that is the case, what would the impact be?  Would we not understand why we feel tired, cranky, get cramps, have difficulty conceiving?

Sara Harris from Living Stillness and founder of Follow Your Flow explains how our body has a cycle which has different seasons just like the seasons around us. If you want more information about the different quality and stages of the cycles, check out Sara's amazing and programs through Follow Your Flow. She also has audios and blogs that can support a deeper relationship with your cycle - enjoy all the website has to offer!


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