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What do we celebrate on 'Mother's Day'?

Once a year, a day is dedicated to celebrating the mothers in our lives, be they birth mothers or those who have fulfilled that role. On this day there is a huge emphasis on recognising everything that our mother’s DO for us, but is there something more, something way more magnificent there for us to celebrate?

If you are reading having fulfilled this role, and are open to the consideration, perhaps we could start by asking ourselves, ‘would we like to be celebrated for all of the things that we do for our children, or celebrated for being the gorgeous woman that we are with all of our own unique qualities?’

If the latter is true, are we claiming this for ourselves, as women, to honour and treasure who we are and appreciate that the simple quality of our care, our love, essence, playfulness, firmness, our ability to listen and set boundaries are already ‘doing’ so much before we have even raised a finger!

When we can deeply appreciate who we are, we do not need to gravitate towards ‘doing’ so much for those we care for to show them how much they are ‘loved’. We need less identification from this role and, therefore, tend to lean towards a more responsible household where the focus is on sharing what needs to be completed in the home.

If we have shown children we love them through all we ‘do’ for them, do they actually know how to celebrate another without equally ‘doing’ things back in return?

What if the greatest gift for Mother’s Day is setting a new standard where families learn to fully share the daily activity and chores of living, not just for one day, but as an integral part of living together as a family.

Begin deeply appreciating and cherishing who you are – set this standard for yourself as a woman, it can then be felt as a foundational standard for your whole family not just in terms of how they treat you, in your role as their mother, but how they treat and appreciate themselves as well, as part of the family.


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