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Self-appreciation and knowing your worth

To appreciate ourselves, we need to know our worth.

How do we do that? How do we put a value on what we bring to life? We may have been programed to tie our worth to what we do, what we produce and or the approval and recognition we receive from outside of ourselves. Sometimes we have to go back to the discussions and interactions we had as children to see where those patterns started. Were we confirmed or were there conditions on whether we were deemed good or bad or what we were doing was right and wrong. Did we translate that early communication to being loved and appreciated thereby defining our worth, to then search for approval from the outside rather than the inside?

Yet we were born knowing we are incredible and amazing just for being here. So, we must on some level be taught to consider ourselves less and then the search begins – how can I ‘better’ myself.

Could we consider that what we accept as our normal may be for us to not know our worth. If that was the case, then how convenient that we have mega-marketing machines in every industry to sell us all the ways we can improve ourselves.

That would be quite a stop moment. This would suggest that making space to appreciate ourselves and what comes from the inside, rather than the outside, is now incredibly important as knowing our worth sets our own standards rather than being tied to the standards dictated by others and their approval. Also, dare we say it, it would potentially save us a lot of money and perhaps improve our health outcomes.

Could valuing ourselves be the choice to set standards for what we feel is important for us? ​Could valuing our standards, so we do not drop them for anything and anyone, be the activity ​that keeps those standards in place? Could it be that simple?

Know your worth.


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